Grilled Steak

Wine Bottles

Grilled New York Strip

Grilled Steak

Grilled Steak

"I achieved a medium-rare sear on my New York strip steak, and it came out perfectly, which I attribute much more to the extraordinarily flavorful dry-aged meat than to my grilling skills."

-Seth Kugel, New York Times

People grilling steak

“On weekend nights patrons line up outside the door of the Minturn Country Club, no matter the weather or the hordes before them. "

 -Bill St. James Rocky Mountain News

Dining & Wine Critic

A bottle of wine

“Top of the list of the off the Tourist Trail Establishments is the Minturn Country Club”

-The Houston Chronicle

Magic being performed

"With his left hand TJ Ricci is pouring drinks and with his right he's delighting customers with card tricks and slight of hand."

-Randy Wyrick, The Vail Daily